Unwind: 7 Ways Team Neon Works Through Stress

by Anijah Boyd 

Stress is crippling. It can motivate you to (over)work yourself or put you in a cycle of procrastination. In the PR world, finding ways to stay balanced is going to make you a lot better at your job and more satisfied with your own pursuit of happiness. 

Keep reading for some helpful tips on stress management!🧘🏾‍♀

1💜 Breathe, meditate or try yoga

We know this one may seem basic, but give it real time and dedication and you’ll see large improvements in your mental state. It won’t solve all your problems BUT it will give you a more leveled head to think with. When you get a little antsy, focus on your breathing. At night (or in the morning) after a long day, meditate or do yoga to clear your mind and body of clutter. Remember that meditation doesn’t look the same for everyone and it doesn’t require being completely still. Find your beat! Some of our favorite apps for meditation:

2💜 Soak up the sun 

We hope it’s nice out wherever you are because a great way to destress is going outside and taking a walk, biking or just standing and soaking up the sun. Even this can be considered a form of meditation for some people! Many of the ways we can improve our mood involves moving our bodies and being thoughtful and kind to ourselves. A little vitamin D has always done the body good just don’t forget your sunscreen! 

3💜 Treat yoself 

Have you bought or cooked yourself your favorite meal lately? Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself you’re beautiful? If not, DO IT RIGHT NOW! Buy those shoes that have been sitting in your shopping cart for weeks. Wear your favorite color. Reward yourself for the small wins. Afterall, the small wins are why you’ll get the big ones. Check out this piece that dives into the benefits of words of affirmation (because complimenting yourself is just as important as complimenting others.)

4💜Turn off your phone 

Too much screen-time and not enough you-time can have big consequences. The ways we’re influenced by what we see on social media can make us feel like we need to work harder, faster and better than everyone else when we really just need to move at our own, personalized pace. Turn the pressure off and enjoy tangible things. If you own physical copies of music, listen to those instead of Apple Music. Flip through a book or journal. Find a coloring book or rediscover lost hobbies. Keep that phone off! 

5💜Fix a warm drink 

Chamomile and peppermint tea are great for this tip but try any warm drink you’d like! Some find comfort in simply warming up a cup of hot chocolate. The process of making each can also be a source of tranquility if you’re into that kind of thing. However you get your warm mug of delight, make sure you take a seat and enjoy the hug it gives your body. 

6💜Watch a comedy

When was the last time you genuinely laughed? Not a customer service laugh but a good, hearty laugh? This one might be beneficial to experience alone because if that laugh somehow turns into a crying session you’ll have a private moment to regroup and soak in your feelings. This could be an ultimate source of relief. Turn on your fav movie/show that gets a smile out of you every time and remember what it feels like to smile just because. 

We’ll be watching The Golden Girls! 

7💜 Enjoy the people closest to you

Under workloads and life troubles, we sometimes take advantage of our support systems. Plan a coffee date, brunch or dinner with your besties. Don’t let it become an unloading conversation where you all commiserate in your stresses, creating a big ball of it. Instead, make it a rule that you will all forget the troubles and enjoy each other, authentically. Talk about good memories and the lessons you’ve learned thus far. Highlight the qualities you enjoy about one another. Remembering that the people you have in your corner are the BEST is a great way to unwind and push forward. 

With April being such an eventful month, it’s important we all know how to bring ourselves back down to earth and remain thoughtful. Team Neon hopes you can take some of these tips as a reminder that you are resilient!✨