The Sky is the Limit…

…is the theme of the week! This week I got the opportunity to visit one of our clients, Sky Combat Ace, and fly one of its high performance aerobatic aircrafts myself (talk about having your head in the clouds!). I personally believe the quote “the sky is the limit” is essential to live by as its a constant reminder to push yourself and ideas outside boundaries of the “norm”.

Quickly after joining Neon PR, one of the first lessons I learned is that the elements that lie within the PR industry as a whole, like marketing strategy and promoting clients and events, are constantly evolving. When cultivating these new strategies, the sky is the limit! There’s no specifications or caps on what the bestor newest trend in the marketing industry is or will be, or a specific cookie-cutter way to go about grabbing your demographics’ attention. Now-a-days, it’s crucial to stay innovative and integrate all aspects of social media, communications, PR, and marketing in order to create new successes for our clients.


One of our projects this week with Neon PR client Sky Combat Ace was to show support for Make-A-Wish kid and cancer survivor, Michael, on his journey to promote awareness and fundraise for cancer research by biking 4,000 miles from Texas to Alaska. We found it would be beneficial and entertaining to get the hype for this by creating a video that was “out of the ordinary” (remember, no cap!) and testing the sky’s limit (that will make sense later) of owner and CEO of Sky Combat Ace, Tex, showing his support. Click the here to watch the video and see a real-life example of applying the marketing content strategy of the sky actually being the limit (in and out of the office J).

Stay tuned for more adventures to come in the hustle and bustle of Sin City!