Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

It’s been about 2 weeks since Instagram started an all-out social media brawl by debuting its newest feature (coughSNAPCHATFEATUREcough) on its platform allowing users to post live video that disappears within 24 hours of the upload (coughSNAPCHATcough).

At first, as social media pros, we were skeptical on just how this whole thing would shake out. ANOTHER medium for us to post to our clients’ accounts for? UGH. But wait, is THIS live-feed version more convenient because it’s on the same platform as Instagram, making Snapchat null-and-void if IG is now a one-stop-shop? Or is IG Stories the new trend (and by “new”, we mean “knock off version of another app”) that will eventually fade off?

The most popular mediums of social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) all have similarities, but each one of them has created unique but-wait-we-do-THIS for their brand’s platform that differentiates it and makes each more appealing in its own right from the other. Snapchat gives a more intimate look into people’s everyday lives because it’s where you can see people’s pictures and videos that are happening in real time. For Instagram, it’s been all about photos and short videos you’re able to edit without Photoshop/via filters, kept as a sort of online scrapbook, essentially building a brand of yourself with the aesthetic you present through your profile.

Now that Instagram has released “Instagram Stories” it has caused controversy in the social realm because it has forced users to feel the need to use only one app, not two that previously had differentiating features. Sure, it’s convenient to have your live stories in the same place you post your pictures, but in reality… Instagram, you ain’t Snapchat.

We’ve had a few weeks to see this play out, and here is our verdict:

We, at Neon PR, are firm believers in brand loyalty. Snapchat has evolved (without copycatting any other brand differentiators) with more features like best friends, streaks, daily fun filters, geotags, etc. They play nice. From a marketing perspective, it’s best to keep Snapchat stories and Instagram separate. Adding live stories on Instagram only oversaturates their medium. We would rather invest in creating a brand for our clients on Instagram through an aesthetic that people can continually view (ie what it originally was made for) and use Snapchat to post a different type of media, in order to be more personal with the target audience (ie what it was originally made for).

Reject Social Media copycats. Stay loyal to the Snap.