Read Our CEO’s Top 3 Tips to Get Good Media Coverage – Now Featured on BuzzFeed!

Here Are My Top 3 Tips to Get Good Media Coverage

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  1. Do your research on journalists you’re pitching and personalize the pitch. PR pros should take the time to get to know the journalist they’re contacting and what matters to them. Reference their beats or past articles you find interesting, and make it a point to demonstrate, in some way, that you’ve done your research on them if you expect them to further research the topic you’re pitching.
  2. Be objective. More than ever, self-serving or over-promotional pitches aren’t what media are looking for. As hard as it is, being as un-biased and neutral as possible is what news media connects with most (do you like being around your friend that brags about themselves to no end? … didn’t think so.) and most often results in feature stories.
  3. Culminate relationships with your clients and media outside of the office and email. You’ll find the real stories aren’t lying around in what comes out of stiff conference room meetings, and ideas flourish more naturally when you develop a more meaningful relationship with clients – go grab cocktails or go on a local adventure involving fresh air. The benefit is 2-fold: it shows you care to know more, and you’ll have more interesting content to pitch. Same goes for media – maybe you’ll find what strikes a chord with key media players for your clients when meeting for coffee and talking about their personal likes and dislikes.