PR & Social Media… What’s the Difference?

There is no doubt that the fields of public relations and social media are blending together more closely than ever. More PR teams are working to secure press traction digitally by working with social media influencers, targeting different brands to engage in cross-promotions that are then shared by those brands’ social networks, etc. At the same time, more social teams are working with news outlets’ designated online and digital teams to get their clients featured on traditional news media’s social pages.

As PR and social media become even more intertwined over the next several years, communication experts can expect PR firms to start building out social divisions, and social firms to start partnering with traditional PR mediums – so it’s important for those working in the communication fields to keep their skills sharpened in both realms – cheeky one liners are good for press releases and can be used for social media attention grabbers. As media folks continue to get inundated with press releases, they’re beginning to ask for photos that illustrate the news to be embedded within the release – which also doubles as the main source of content creation for social media accounts.

Overall, it’s a very synergistic relationship between PR and social media teams, even though there can be quite a bit of a crossover. Take event activations or influencer relations, for example. Both of these services can be handled by a PR firm or social media agency, and quite often, brands that hire PR and social teams will have both teams collaborate as there is always a common goal: more press, more social media chatter, more influence for the brand.

At Neon PR, we believe a multi-channel marketing mix leading with PR is crucial to increasing your stories’ reach and getting content seen. Which means, social media should PR hold hands, not arm wrestle! So, publicists, high five your clients’ social teams and ask for photo tips! Social teams, feel free to ask PR teams how to contact news outlets for social campaigning that works for clients!