Does working in your florescent-lit cubical or being stuck in the same space every day not sound like an ideal work environment anymore? We love venturing outside of the office for an hour or two every day for a refresh button – and call on our downtown Las Vegas as a giant office space. With iPhones acting as mobile hotspots these days, you can connect almost anywhere. Take that extended lunch and grab your laptop (and a bite!) and make it a point to check out some of our favorites below!

Their seating is first come, first served so make sure you get there with time to spare at this popular Downtown coffee shop. Order the Sweet Dream toast and the Macadamia Almond latte and get to crankin’!

This downtown urban oasis has a 40′ tall fire-breathing mantis art installation from Burning Man outside to welcome you in – trust us, you can’t miss it. We love grabbing an outdoor table in the Spring or Fall in Container Park and sitting outside at Black Cup Coffee (full view of the park) or Bin 702 (hello comfy couches!). With over 20 local shops and boutique eateries to choose from, you’re sure to find a spot with nearby quiet bustle for the perfect amount of focus and distraction for work-time inspiration.

Lunch time? Order a vegan sandwich (it’s the most unassuming deliciousness ever) and pull up a chair at The Market‘s indoor bistro space by the window. They serve Peet’s Coffee (and wine – if it’s one of those days).

We know, we know… isn’t this the nightlife hotspot with the giant oversized games like Jenga, beanbag toss and chess? Exactly. But during the day, Gold Spike is a co-working space with Wi-Fi connectivity that welcomes all. With conference-style tables, this co-working is the perfect excuse to get all of your colleagues together and work on that project – and maybe take a much-needed break for life-size Connect Four and a Unicorn Grilled Cheese from Fiddlestix – located inside Gold Spike.

Nearing the end of the day and need to grind out a deadline? Music sets the tone for your work pace and we love DTLV’s favorite watering hole Corduroy‘s rock music turned down a little lower at their opening time, 4 pm, (and almost our closing time), to wind down the day. Since this downtown hot spot opens at 4 pm, you’ll find locals who have just wrapped up meetings crunching out the last hour of work. There is a garage-style window that rolls up to make it an indoor-outdoor space perfect people watching when you close your laptop and grab a celebratory cocktail for finishing that deadline.

With perfect lighting and dreamy wallpaper and light fixtures, this is our extended lunch go-to. Open at 11:00 am during the week, Flock & Fowl is your haven in DTLV for ‘flocking delicious’ food and warm interior hues to ignite subtle inspiration.

Where do you like to work outside of the office? Tweet to us at @NeonPR_ and let us know!