Using Weird National Holidays to Your Brand’s Advantage

If it feels like there’s an unofficial national, international, or world holiday almost every single day…that’s because there is. As nutty as some of them are, niche observations like Bathtub Party Day or National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day can help break up the monotony of everyday social media posts and inspire us to celebrate the little things every day of the year!

In the PR realm, identifying key holidays for your clients and their consumers is an easy move that adds an advantage to your overall marketing strategy (hello press release for National Donut Day – free donuts!) and social media tactics. Curating content around a (relevant) national holiday is a great opportunity to highlight specific items or products that may need a little extra TLC. Holiday hashtags allow consumers to connect with a click, creating viral exposure to anyone who may be following the trend. Another great way to utilize these holidays is to suggest how your followers should celebrate, either through social stories or a permanent feed post! By encouraging your consumers to interact with hashtags, specials and your products, you’re facilitating a grander exposure, drawing their friends and followers into the trend.

Fun and quirky un-official celebrations are an easy way to engage fans of a variety of industries or products, and an even better way to call those fans to action! Restaurant specials or holiday shout-outs bring in foot traffic that might have otherwise not considered your brand that day. But who can resist participating in a holiday like National Donut Day?! Bars can utilize holidays to test out creative beverage ideas, in turn displaying their staff’s knowledge and mastery of mixology.

Already feel like a pro at National Hotdog Day posts? Accounts that really want to get creative with national holidays should embrace the outlandish and obscure days by using innovative captions, photo content or making an event out of it. For example, if your restaurant specializes in brunch, puns on National Soup Day can glorify your bottomless mimosas. FREEBIE: Figure out a way to incorporate National Unicorn Day in your business feed!

PR Experts should make an effort to check into websites such as on a monthly basis. Other holiday accurate pages to utilize include:

So mark your calendars for upcoming days like National Small Business Saturday and National World Kindness Day– what is your staff doing to help? Should you make donating time to a local charity a new team building “thing”? …but don’t shy away from creative genius such as Tongue Twister Day ☺ And please, don’t forget to hashtag it.