Mermaid Toast & Building a Brand Around Social Media

In a world where content is king, using every feature social media outlets offer and having a defining feature of your brand is more important than ever. There are now geotags and filters, location tags and reposts (Oh My!)! For some companies, defining elements include things like unique wall paintings or special areas within restaurants with designs produced specifically for Instagram or Snapchat (Come on, how many times have you seen The “F***ing Beautiful” neon sign at Park in Las Vegas?). One noteworthy example we love here at Neon PR is Smooth Eats, a tiny downtown eatery focused on fast but nutritious menu items that has recently caught the eye (and camera lenses) of local Instagram users with its brightly colored toasts, creatively built bowls and cheesy gooey-sandwiches that taste as good as they look! What’s NOT to ‘like’?


So what’s all the hype about? Well for starters, there’s menu items like the ‘mermaid toast’ – a play on the millennial toast trend with deep blue colored cream-cheese on a thick piece of bread, topped off with sparkling gold flakes! (But also let’s not forget their gorgeous acai bowls, earth-green smoothies and ginger health shots!) These kinds of health-food grabs are very popular right now, but separating themselves and standing out is key for success. Putting in a little extra thought into the aesthetics does make a difference. No customer really tastes those gold flakes on the toast, but the visual impact of the toast keeps customers’ cameras snapping.


Other insta-worthy examples include Downtown Las Vegas’s Corduroy, an artsy-retro like bar with a photobooth that literally has customers waiting in line for hours for the perfect shot. Another downtown spot is Sake Rok, a modernized Americanized sushi restaurant that has insta-story worthy nightly performances. While word of mouth and print are still valuable resources in the marketing mix, social media marketing and establishing a unified brand identity is a necessity.

As Instagram becomes the new homepage, “do it for the gram” has taken on new meaning. With carefully planned strategy and an engaging, evolving creative process, businesses can use these essential and FREE marketing tools to their benefit. And hey, if you didn’t gram’ it, were you really there?