Leading with Intent

by Anijah Boyd

✨Intention sets the tone  

Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and mood can be a game changer when entering the workplace. They can drive and motivate those around you or bring them to a standstill in response. 

Focusing on intent-based leadership in the workplace can nurture habits that reveal themselves in how you interact with your colleagues and the content you put out for your consumers. The goal is quality and leading with intent increases your chances of being aware enough to provide quality. 

With that being said, knowing yourself and your goals for the day are great introductions to a meaningful and rewarding 9 to 5… Or any other time you spend typing away into cyberspace. 

How do you want to assist your clientele today? Do they represent the things you enjoy and stand for? Always go into the workplace with the intent to get work done to the best of your capabilities, no matter what those are. 

If you need to take a break and practice grounding methods, do that. Just make sure that our intentions for the day contribute to something greater than yourself. 

✨Be transparent and initiate tough conversations

We hear as children that honesty is the best policy but lose sight of that as we get older and the world prefers us to lie about things as simple as a response to “How is your day going?” Though we say we value truth, especially in the media, we tend to respond negatively to it or have no plan on how to remedy the unknown or sporadic. 

So, we avoid it. Which is totally okay until animosity builds, work isn’t being done well and someone on your team hates what they are doing 8+ hours out of the day. All of that negativity eventually leaks out and affects all other things in your world. 

To avoid this possibly quite explosive situation, start by being honest in small ways. If you’re having a bad morning, say that. Just don’t be a negative Nancy about it as if the whole world is ending and you will be incapable of moving forward. Your optimism in the midst of a bad day may inspire someone to be honest and push through the same way. 

It is also helpful to initiate tough conversations when the tension in the workplace is thick or stressful. Anyone can start the conversation that opens up a space for vulnerability and honesty.

The reward of having those practices at the base of your workplace values is rewarding to your business.

✨Words of Affirmation aren’t exclusive to romance

This one is easy. A few words of affirmation never hurt anyone and rather than explain what those are, here’s a few you can tweak as needed: 

“I know doing research and analyzing tons of data can be overwhelming and time consuming. You brought us great results and we appreciate your contribution to the team!” 

“The positive attitude you bring into the office really makes it much easier for the team to work together in a more intent-based way. We all feed off of your energy!”

“The improvements you made to that graphic last week looked great. I’m working on something similar now and would love your expert opinion!” 

I’m sure you know what reassurance in familial and romantic relationships feels like. Applying those same principles in the workplace can aid in those same positive responses that can help those around you feel valued and appreciated. 

✨Soft skills are just as useful as hard skills 

Oh, the often taken for granted soft skills. The ones we lose in and endless search for what others can DO for us. Yes, I might be a photoshop expert but am I dependable? Do I possess empathy? Am I willing to learn and be open-minded? All questions that need answers. 

Soft skills are tools in your kit that will make communication easier. As we get more tech dependent, we forget why those skills are important until we have to sit down in a meeting and listen to one another or get our point across without belittling every other person in the room

✨Respect different approaches

“I wouldn’t do it that way,” is not the same as “This is wrong.” When we look to one another for direction, it is easy to get lost in our own idea of what we want things to be. Keep in mind that every person you run across will add their own unique flair and that is something you’ll want to nurture.