iPhone 11 Camera vs. DSLR: Which Works Best for You?

by Anijah Boyd

When it comes to taking photos, iPhones have become a more accessible way to capture an image worth sharing while DSLRs remain a tradition in the photography industry, but what are the pros and cons of each? 

Should you invest in a DSLR or stick to the basics of your iPhone camera? Would you be someone who benefits from having both handy? Here are some things to take into consideration.

If you don’t plan on buying a DSLR camera anytime soon, it may be helpful to purchase these accessories to get the best out of your phone:

1💜iPhone lens kit 

2💜Ring light or any external light source 


4💜Portable charger

5💜Remote shutter release 

You can capture a beautiful image with both cameras. The differences lie in your goals. An iPhone can get close to the pristine of a DSLR, it’s just going to take finesse and extra accessories. iPhones are the best for quick, on-the-go photos that may be posted to social media and make your travel load less heavy.

DSLR cameras work best when you need high quality images for blogs, photoshoots and brand-work, but can be a pain when you have to carry around the equipment. Shoots centered around a DSLR camera would be more intentional and planned out than that of an iPhone

The iPhone serves more as a convenience option with DSLR potential. You get instant results on your phone ready to crop, edit and post. With that being said, which one works best for you? Let’s talk below.

Will the photos be used for your website, social or print? If for print or web, DSLR. If for social, iPhone! Take a closer look at the visual differences between the two. Can you tell which photo was taken with an iPhone 11 or DSLR? 

If you guessed image A was taken with a DSLR and B with an iPhone 11, you are correct! The main determining factors are color and focus. Our favorable iPhone 11 still shows blemishes in the mirror whereas the DSLR completely has its eyes on the Verás bottle and even gives us a nice pop of color that compliments the light shining in.

Small things like that have made DSLRs’ impact everlasting but the convenience, approachability and similarities an iPhone 11 camera has to a DSLR have made them a worthy competitor.