by Anijah Boyd

Influencer marketing evolves as frequently as the dreaded algorithm. Pair that with the apocalyptic-like scene that was 2020 and you’ve got a seismic shift in the way influencers connect with their audience, create content and tell stories. But it also provided insight into the loyalty and power of these influencer’s communities. 

In this blog post, we’re going to help you figure out which kind of influencer is for you and how you can integrate them into your plans. Take this little quiz to help point you in the right direction!

📚What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is when a brand leverages content creators (aka influencers) and their audience to boost their brand or product via their social media platforms. Ideally, you choose an influencer that reaches your target audience and caters to them through unique messaging.

  1. What kind of influencer do you want?
    a. Someone with a diverse following and covers a range of topics
    b. Someone who gained their following through actively blogging and passion about a topic
    c. Someone whose voice holds a lot of weight in their community
    d. Someone with a strong connection to their audience but has a smaller following
  2. Who do you want to reach?
    a. The masses
    b. A large and specific group of people with common goals and interests
    c. Your local community
    d. A small group of people with a specific interest
  3. What product/service do you offer?
    a. Something that every person on the planet will LOVE
    b. Something that a person would enjoy if they currently engage in this behavior
    c. Something that supports and adds value to my community
    d. Something that interests a few people with a unique interest
  4. What is your goal with the influencer you choose?
    a. To make sure everyone knows our product/service’s name
    b. To get every person that loves this specific thing worldwide to know about it
    c. To inform my community of my product/service
    d. To create a cult-like fan club for my product/service
  5. What do you need from the influencer?
    a. Post my product/service one to get word out
    b. Post my product/service because it coincides what they blog about
    c. Consistently support my product/service because they enjoy it in their own daily life
    d. Share my product because they know it will benefit their unique audience
  6. After all is set and done, what do you want to have accomplished with your audience?
    a. Gain thousands of new eyes and potential buyers for my product/service
    b. Be a name that is casually brought up in normal conversation because my influencer recommended
    c. Touch those who are most likely to purchase because they trust my influencer most
    d. Have a few people purchase and become loyal customers
  7. What kind of audience do you want your influencer to have?
    a. Large audience that likes to stay on top of what’s popular
    b. Medium – large audience with that likes to keep up with what’s trending in their particular interest field
    c. Smaller audience that keeps an eye out for what works best to make their lives easier
    d. Small audience with specific habits and needs

If you chose mostly A’s and B’s… 

Your brand would work best with a Mega or Macro Influencer. This influencer will get word out about your product to a bunch of different people and they’ll pay attention because your influencer knows what’s popular. You’ll be in the spotlight and that moment to shine will be worth it in the long run because big names support big names.  

Mega influencers include content creators, actors, musicians, and other business owners who have over 1 million followers. Their followings are an extension of their already dedicated fanbase so their reach ranges widely. Because of this, they have a more distant relationship to their fanbase. 

Macro influencers maintain 100,000 to 1 million followers that they’ve earned through blogging, sharing and creating content consistently and often have multiple media channels. These are your foodies, travel bloggers and any other influencers that share their passions about a topic with their audience. This creates a relationship that is perceived to be more personal. 

If you chose mostly C’s and D’s… 

A Micro or Nano influencer is where it’s at for you! They’ll more than likely get your brand a few new loyal consumers because their relationship with their audience is more personal and dependent upon trust. They interact with their audience as if they live next door to each other.

Micro influencers have 1,000 to 100,000 followers and typically specialize in one topic. Their relationship to their followers is less about their status and more about the information they offer their audience. Your brand can guarantee that whatever made them famous will help boost your product or service because their values match yours and therefore also matches that of their audience.

Nano influencers are the closest you’re going to get to an everyday person and have 1,000 or less followers. They might be someone who is a leader in their community or has built a small, cult-ish following through sharing their collector-like interests. If you are looking to reach your community members, you’ll love what they have to offer your brand! Their worldview holds more weight to their audience so they take their opinions seriously and can reward high levels of engagement.

In conclusion…
Traditional marketing strategies just don’t do the trick anymore. It can still be used as a way to reach an audience but alone it may not hold up. An influencer will add a level of relatability and exposure that touches people in a modern way. Investing in this new marketing strategy may seem like a hit or miss, but it’s just like paying for celebrity endorsements with a twist catered to social media. Be consistent and you’ll be glad you put effort into this option.