How Our Tribe Thrives (Neon PR’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets)

Welcome to Neon PR’s first ever Beauty Vault!

We consulted with the strong beauties that make up our office and asked each PR profesh to give their top 3 beauty products that they ‘literally can’t even’ live without. These potions, lotions and everything in between, help us thrive and reach our full potential every day as PR professionals.


  1. Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer – People compliment me on my hair often… but it’s no accident – it’s hard work! ☺ This bad boy keeps my bleached hair from breaking off by protecting it from heat tools (here’s a two-fer: use this wand for the best waves). The Vegas heat is already drying enough, and this spray hydrates and protects! I never use heat tools on my hair without it.
  2. La Mer The Cleansing Gel – this takes it ALL off and leaves your skin feeling super soft WITHOUT a toner. I get cranky if I have to use something else to wipe the day off my face at nighttime.
  3. MAC Lipstick in HoneyLove – The. Perfect. Nude. You’re welcome.


  1. Glossier Cloud Paint – Glossier is one of those brands you can’t help but be obsessed with. They’ve mastered the no makeup-makeup niche with a range of fun and neutral tones and an array of product options. Their cloud paints are IDEAL for dabbing and dusting onto your bare cheeks for a flush of fun color before you whisk out the door for work or play. Best use: Music Festivals – lookin at you, Life is Beautiful!
  2. Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil – This bronzer is a gorgeous tone of dark warm brown ideal for that permanent Las Vegas tan. And it smells like chocolate, enough said. Best use: When you want that goodnight kiss on the cheek to leave an impact.
  3. Ole Henrickson Truth Serum – After deciding to re-evaluate my skincare routine, my friend recommended this daily serum to me. After about a month I’ve noticed a HUGE overhaul in the tone, elasticity and health of my skin. It’s light, fresh and again SMELLS DELICIOUS! This serum has been a true game changer in my beauty routine.


  1. Glam Glow super mud charcoal treatment– Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing brand, BUT their ish is fantastic. My skin always feels loved and fresh after a long night of glam glow maskin’. For those with sensitive skin, once a week is probably best – I use this when I may have not been the most *cough cough, coherent* to take my makeup off the night before. This mask helps my skin forget about forgetting about it. ☺ (It just can’t help clarify any previous decisions!)
  2. Watermelon sleeping hydration mask– So moisturizing and smells *insert Fran Drescher’s voice here* DA-LISH! It’s literally my go-to when I have a night that I should have ended 2 hours earlier. The best part of this mask – besides being a lazy bum and just leaving it on, is the way your skin GLOWS when you wake up. It’s like you just had an intense 3-hour facial with Bertha and she gave you all the good stuff. With this product, you can say bye to Bertha the facial-ist and hydrate your skin yo’self.
  3. Dry Bar detox dry shampoo– AH-MAZ-ING. Not only does this dry shampoo soak up all the icky oil between hair wash cycles, but it smells wonderful. Sometimes I use it just for the smell…. Is that weird?


  1. It’s A 10 Hair Mask– Well folks, it’s a literal 20 in my book because without “It’s a 10” my hair would be dried, dyed and fried. This miracle leave-in solution really does change your hair. The main thing that I notice is how soft it makes my hair without making it greasy. As a tried and true reviewer (trying hundreds of products makes me an expert, right?) it’s the only product I need after a shower and the smell is heavenly.
  2. ELF eyebrow gel– I’m currently growing my brows out and it’s pretty hard to not look like a literal wildebeest, so to tame these babies I have to use brow gel and I always brush them up to give them a different kind of look (($2 at any convenient store so THAT’s always a plus).
  3. Olaplex 3– This is a leave-in conditioner and it can only be found at select places like Sephora and online – it is a miracle worker, especially for blondes. Bless you, Olaplex. MAJOR KEY: Kim Kardashian’s trick on her damaged hair is to sleep in this little potion! Of course, I trust what the internet tells me…gulp. Sorry not sorry.