FOUND: The Most Awesome Intern on Earth

Neon Public Relations was recently searching for an aspiring young professional who is passionate about the public relations industry and equally motivated to enhance their skills to break into the fast-paced and demanding professions of PR and marketing, and, it is with (extreme) excitement that I announce that position has been filled! My name is Allyson Wadman, and I have been hired for the summer as Neon PR’s intern and social media and communications (semi J ) professional.

Growing up in Las Vegas, I recently decided to pursue my dreams and get a degree at Chapman University in Orange, California where I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Arts in Strategic and Corporate Communication (shout out c/o ‘17!). Seeing Las Vegas’ fast-paced, glamorous, and fun-filled lifestyle has always motivated me to chase a career in public relations and marketing, and I’m excited to get that chance with Neon PR and document how PR is rapidly changing toward a more integrated marketing approach. Gone are the days of dinosaur no-rule-bending press releases, and quickly taking its place is live, vivid, in-your-face content, a strategy I can’t wait to further at Neon PR and its clients.


Stay tuned to see public relations through the lense of a wide-eyed and eager 21-year old on the cusp of graduating (and hoping her $240,000 piece of paper called a “degree” will secure a career in the future). More to come of my adventures and valuable lessons I will learn this summer at Neon PR!