When publicizing a brand, it’s important that you always find a way to break through the clutter of competitors. One way many companies are doing so is by utilizing SnapChat. That’s right, SnapChat. The scandalous quick-pic-don’t-you-dare-screen-shot-this SnapChat.

Upon launch, SnapChat was just created for fun, for those who like sending funny or even scandalous… (no judgment) pictures to friends without being nervous they would end up in the wrong hands since SnapChat was created with the intention of not saving the pictures you send out. Well, the tables have surely turned because not only is SnapChat one of the most popular apps downloaded (a whopping 30 million people use SnapChat) but many advertisers have noticed and are taking the reins on the infamous app. Brands like Taco Bell (no shocker there) the online boutique Karmaloop and the mid-luxury handbag mogul Rebecca Minkoff have all “snapped” it out to those who have wished to receive. Not only are these brands utilizing SnapChat, but they are on Mashables top eight list of brands kicking butt on SnapChat.

So, ‘Why SnapChat’, you ask? Well, if you think about it… when you receive a snap, it’s because a friend picked you to receive it and for however long they choose, you feel like you are right there with them-wherever they may be. Brands picked up on this trend and realized by sending “snaps” not only do you create a one-on-one relationship with a customer, but for those few seconds, the customer feels like they are part of a special “club” as they see your new product or witty message. One thing these brands have in common about the way they use SnapChat is using it to highlight new and upcoming product launches. This creates that sense of exclusivity that is so rare to find in advertising nowadays because the users who are lucky enough to see it are the ones that have added the brand to their “friends list.” They are the ones getting the first preview of what the brand is offering.

One of the biggest SnapChat promotions was hosted just over a month ago with the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Not only was this utilized for ravers to find their friends during the night-or maybe even narcotics- but it was also for those who weren’t there to still get a glimpse of what everyone would be talking about. This led to the SnapChat lauch of “our story.” Not only just a picture app any more, SnapChat now allows users to connect their videos and pictures together to create a sense of community so friends can get a glimpse of each person’s view whether they are all together—or not.
However, there is a downfall of SnapChat and that is the ever feared, and ever loathed “over snapper.” Brands really have to be careful when utilizing SnapChat because nothing is worse than oversaturation. After all, we all have that one friend that sends out snaps almost every half-an-hour whether it be what they are eating to “look how cute my pet is”, to shameless selfies not even worthy of Instagram. Brands have to find a common ground as to how much they want to ‘snap’ out and make sure it is important enough to do so; once the perfect schedule is concocted there is nothing else left to do but to snap to it!