Why You Shouldn’t Reach Out Directly to a Source with a Publicist if You’re a Journalist

  1. We know they’re easily accessible, that’s why they hired us. Their workload became so grandiose, that they need someone to manage/liaise journalists’ queries and manage marketing campaigns. If we send out a press release, please mind the section that says “Media Contact”, even if you have the client’s direct info…Unless you attend their Thanksgiving dinner every year, we can assure you, we work more closely with the client than you. Read more

The Sky is the Limit…

…is the theme of the week! This week I got the opportunity to visit one of our clients, Sky Combat Ace, and fly one of its high performance aerobatic aircrafts myself (talk about having your head in the clouds!). I personally believe the quote “the sky is the limit” is essential to live by as its a constant reminder to push yourself and ideas outside boundaries of the “norm”.

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FOUND: The Most Awesome Intern on Earth

Neon Public Relations was recently searching for an aspiring young professional who is passionate about the public relations industry and equally motivated to enhance their skills to break into the fast-paced and demanding professions of PR and marketing, and, it is with (extreme) excitement that I announce that position has been filled! My name is Allyson Wadman, and I have been hired for the summer as Neon PR’s intern and social media and communications (semi J ) professional.

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Building Your Social Voice

Millennials— devouring information via social media and every technology imaginable. If you haven’t already found a way to target this specific audience, chances are your business is missing out on a driving force in branding based on millinnials’ inherent need to constantly share where they’re at and what they’re doing via social. Our point is, take your business social! It takes only a minute or two to set up a Twitter or Facebook account and believe us, it’s more than worth it. Not only will it allow you to interact with your audience, it will also build relationships and create trust. And make sure you keep your posts short and sweet – turns out 41 percent of millennials have no patience for long content based on the nexus for here-and-now, and obtaining information as quickly as humanly possible.
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Using social media is an important part of any PR or marketing campaign; it not only gets the brand’s name out there by highlighting happenings relevant to the company, it also gets people involved with the business by opening up topics for outside discussion. Adversely, there is an ugly side to social sharing, and if you aren’t careful, it’s easy to lose followers.

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Whether it’s an update to your wardrobe, technology, or personal life, we are all due for an upgrade at some point; and the same goes for multimillion dollar brands. So how do top brands update, or better known in the industry as, “rebrand”? Look no further then the ever-popular Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks recently hit its 40-year anniversary— you could call this a sort of mid-life crisis, but in a positive, non-sports-car-purchasing kind of way. If you visit the coffee chain on the regular you may have already noticed it. If not, it’s time to be filled in.

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With the growing use of social media, companies are looking for ways to engage with their consumers through its social channels. However, many businesses are finding it challenging to connect with its specific customer base/followers and thereby getting those connections to translate into sales. Why are companies having a hard time gaining the results they want? How can they mix things up to get the results they want? Enter our blog!

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