Why You Shouldn’t Reach Out Directly to a Source with a Publicist if You’re a Journalist

  1. We know they’re easily accessible, that’s why they hired us. Their workload became so grandiose, that they need someone to manage/liaise journalists’ queries and manage marketing campaigns. If we send out a press release, please mind the section that says “Media Contact”, even if you have the client’s direct info…Unless you attend their Thanksgiving dinner every year, we can assure you, we work more closely with the client than you. Read more

Forbes Trash, Blog Treasure

As publicists, we’ve all heard it: What EXACTLY is PR? Well, PR is, most simply put, the process of relating to your (product, service or business’s) publics. Recently, we answered a Forbes query on PR fundamentals that went un-chosen (eye-roll… we’re lookin’ at you, Forbes) so we decided to let no information go un-wasted and post it on the blog!

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Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

It’s been about 2 weeks since Instagram started an all-out social media brawl by debuting its newest feature (coughSNAPCHATFEATUREcough) on its platform allowing users to post live video that disappears within 24 hours of the upload (coughSNAPCHATcough).

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The Sky is the Limit…

…is the theme of the week! This week I got the opportunity to visit one of our clients, Sky Combat Ace, and fly one of its high performance aerobatic aircrafts myself (talk about having your head in the clouds!). I personally believe the quote “the sky is the limit” is essential to live by as its a constant reminder to push yourself and ideas outside boundaries of the “norm”.

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FOUND: The Most Awesome Intern on Earth

Neon Public Relations was recently searching for an aspiring young professional who is passionate about the public relations industry and equally motivated to enhance their skills to break into the fast-paced and demanding professions of PR and marketing, and, it is with (extreme) excitement that I announce that position has been filled! My name is Allyson Wadman, and I have been hired for the summer as Neon PR’s intern and social media and communications (semi J ) professional.

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NOW HIRING: Neon PR Publicist Position

Neon PR is currently seeking an Account Coordinator for its Las Vegas office. The ideal Publicist candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, PR or journalism and have at least one year, post-college, full-time relevant PR experience or PR internship experience, with an agency background preferred. Neon is looking for qualified PR pros that are creative and enthusiastic with passion for adventure, hospitality, nightlife, culinary and lifestyle brands, plus proven results with top-tier local, regional and national outlets.

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Currently Seeking The Most Awesome Intern on Earth

Neon Public Relations is currently looking for spring and summer interns. We’re looking for aspiring PR pros who want to learn the ins and outs of public relations (yes that includes going to all the fancy-shmancy events) and contribute to this growing company!

As an intern with Neon PR, you will be the right hand guy or gal to Megan Fazio, owner of Neon PR, for a fully-immersive and hands-on experience with some of Las Vegas’ most exciting clients in the hospitality and adventure industry.

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When something doesn’t smell or taste right to you, what do you do? You tell your friends around you to smell or taste it to see if they agree. They hesitantly comply and either confirm or deny your position. A similar scenario unfolds with social media all the time, but with an adverse effect. Peer reviews are being posted and instead of readers jumping on board to share the displeasure, they’re simply accepting their peers’ opinions as their own.

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Renown Houston Business Owner “Mattress Mack” loses Super Bowl bet, will give $7M in refunds to customers

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Ever worry about how well your company is keeping up with the times? Or wonder how some companies always seem up-to-date on the latest trends and events? In today’s fast paced society, it’s hard enough to keep up with which celebrity is in the spotlight for the week, what the next big event is, or what new trend everyone is trying out (IE the ever-enduring celebrity diets, latest social media channels, etc.)

Keeping up with all the facets of ever-evolving trends can be time-consuming and like our favorite YouTube sensation Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

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