Now Hiring: Account Coordinator

Neon PR is currently seeking an Account Coordinator for its Las Vegas office. The ideal Publicist candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, PR or journalism and have at least one year, post-college, full-time relevant PR experience or PR internship experience, with an agency background preferred. Neon is looking for qualified PR pros that are creative and enthusiastic with passion for adventure, hospitality, nightlife, culinary and lifestyle brands, plus proven results with top-tier local, regional and national outlets. 

Neon PR roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Able to format, develop, write and successfully pitch press materials including bios, backgrounders, fact sheets, media advisories and press releases.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and ability to understand editorial calendars, identify relevant opportunities for clients and schedule pitches accordingly. 
  • Understand reporting techniques including circulation, ad equivalency, and PR value and track client coverage including online, editorial, digital and broadcast placements. 
  • Monitor, track, clip and properly draft publicity alerts for clients. 
  • Stay up to date on trends in our industries through following websites, blogs, daily/weekly newsletters. 
  • Research, vet and secure partnerships with like-minded brands for client partnerships. 
  • Create, foster and leverage media relationships to produce stellar placements for our clients. 
  • Facilitate media missions and appointments in local, regional and national markets. 
  • Organize, invite and execute press trips locally and onsite at client locations.
  • Creates and executes interesting photoshoot ideas for clientele social media pages
  • Creates, films, edits and posts interesting videography ideas for clientele social media 
  • Creates engaging graphics and story ideas for events, openings and national holidays for clientele social 
  • Tracks social media metrics and consistently re-evaluates based on data 

All relevant applicants must be able to start within 2 weeks; please send resumes for consideration to For more information on the clients we rep, please visit

Unwind: 7 Ways Team Neon Works Through Stress

by Anijah Boyd 

Stress is crippling. It can motivate you to (over)work yourself or put you in a cycle of procrastination. In the PR world, finding ways to stay balanced is going to make you a lot better at your job and more satisfied with your own pursuit of happiness. 

Keep reading for some helpful tips on stress management!🧘🏾‍♀

1💜 Breathe, meditate or try yoga

We know this one may seem basic, but give it real time and dedication and you’ll see large improvements in your mental state. It won’t solve all your problems BUT it will give you a more leveled head to think with. When you get a little antsy, focus on your breathing. At night (or in the morning) after a long day, meditate or do yoga to clear your mind and body of clutter. Remember that meditation doesn’t look the same for everyone and it doesn’t require being completely still. Find your beat! Some of our favorite apps for meditation:

2💜 Soak up the sun 

We hope it’s nice out wherever you are because a great way to destress is going outside and taking a walk, biking or just standing and soaking up the sun. Even this can be considered a form of meditation for some people! Many of the ways we can improve our mood involves moving our bodies and being thoughtful and kind to ourselves. A little vitamin D has always done the body good just don’t forget your sunscreen! 

3💜 Treat yoself 

Have you bought or cooked yourself your favorite meal lately? Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself you’re beautiful? If not, DO IT RIGHT NOW! Buy those shoes that have been sitting in your shopping cart for weeks. Wear your favorite color. Reward yourself for the small wins. Afterall, the small wins are why you’ll get the big ones. Check out this piece that dives into the benefits of words of affirmation (because complimenting yourself is just as important as complimenting others.)

4💜Turn off your phone 

Too much screen-time and not enough you-time can have big consequences. The ways we’re influenced by what we see on social media can make us feel like we need to work harder, faster and better than everyone else when we really just need to move at our own, personalized pace. Turn the pressure off and enjoy tangible things. If you own physical copies of music, listen to those instead of Apple Music. Flip through a book or journal. Find a coloring book or rediscover lost hobbies. Keep that phone off! 

5💜Fix a warm drink 

Chamomile and peppermint tea are great for this tip but try any warm drink you’d like! Some find comfort in simply warming up a cup of hot chocolate. The process of making each can also be a source of tranquility if you’re into that kind of thing. However you get your warm mug of delight, make sure you take a seat and enjoy the hug it gives your body. 

6💜Watch a comedy

When was the last time you genuinely laughed? Not a customer service laugh but a good, hearty laugh? This one might be beneficial to experience alone because if that laugh somehow turns into a crying session you’ll have a private moment to regroup and soak in your feelings. This could be an ultimate source of relief. Turn on your fav movie/show that gets a smile out of you every time and remember what it feels like to smile just because. 

We’ll be watching The Golden Girls! 

7💜 Enjoy the people closest to you

Under workloads and life troubles, we sometimes take advantage of our support systems. Plan a coffee date, brunch or dinner with your besties. Don’t let it become an unloading conversation where you all commiserate in your stresses, creating a big ball of it. Instead, make it a rule that you will all forget the troubles and enjoy each other, authentically. Talk about good memories and the lessons you’ve learned thus far. Highlight the qualities you enjoy about one another. Remembering that the people you have in your corner are the BEST is a great way to unwind and push forward. 

With April being such an eventful month, it’s important we all know how to bring ourselves back down to earth and remain thoughtful. Team Neon hopes you can take some of these tips as a reminder that you are resilient!✨

by Anijah Boyd

Influencer marketing evolves as frequently as the dreaded algorithm. Pair that with the apocalyptic-like scene that was 2020 and you’ve got a seismic shift in the way influencers connect with their audience, create content and tell stories. But it also provided insight into the loyalty and power of these influencer’s communities. 

In this blog post, we’re going to help you figure out which kind of influencer is for you and how you can integrate them into your plans. Take this little quiz to help point you in the right direction!

📚What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is when a brand leverages content creators (aka influencers) and their audience to boost their brand or product via their social media platforms. Ideally, you choose an influencer that reaches your target audience and caters to them through unique messaging.

  1. What kind of influencer do you want?
    a. Someone with a diverse following and covers a range of topics
    b. Someone who gained their following through actively blogging and passion about a topic
    c. Someone whose voice holds a lot of weight in their community
    d. Someone with a strong connection to their audience but has a smaller following
  2. Who do you want to reach?
    a. The masses
    b. A large and specific group of people with common goals and interests
    c. Your local community
    d. A small group of people with a specific interest
  3. What product/service do you offer?
    a. Something that every person on the planet will LOVE
    b. Something that a person would enjoy if they currently engage in this behavior
    c. Something that supports and adds value to my community
    d. Something that interests a few people with a unique interest
  4. What is your goal with the influencer you choose?
    a. To make sure everyone knows our product/service’s name
    b. To get every person that loves this specific thing worldwide to know about it
    c. To inform my community of my product/service
    d. To create a cult-like fan club for my product/service
  5. What do you need from the influencer?
    a. Post my product/service one to get word out
    b. Post my product/service because it coincides what they blog about
    c. Consistently support my product/service because they enjoy it in their own daily life
    d. Share my product because they know it will benefit their unique audience
  6. After all is set and done, what do you want to have accomplished with your audience?
    a. Gain thousands of new eyes and potential buyers for my product/service
    b. Be a name that is casually brought up in normal conversation because my influencer recommended
    c. Touch those who are most likely to purchase because they trust my influencer most
    d. Have a few people purchase and become loyal customers
  7. What kind of audience do you want your influencer to have?
    a. Large audience that likes to stay on top of what’s popular
    b. Medium – large audience with that likes to keep up with what’s trending in their particular interest field
    c. Smaller audience that keeps an eye out for what works best to make their lives easier
    d. Small audience with specific habits and needs

If you chose mostly A’s and B’s… 

Your brand would work best with a Mega or Macro Influencer. This influencer will get word out about your product to a bunch of different people and they’ll pay attention because your influencer knows what’s popular. You’ll be in the spotlight and that moment to shine will be worth it in the long run because big names support big names.  

Mega influencers include content creators, actors, musicians, and other business owners who have over 1 million followers. Their followings are an extension of their already dedicated fanbase so their reach ranges widely. Because of this, they have a more distant relationship to their fanbase. 

Macro influencers maintain 100,000 to 1 million followers that they’ve earned through blogging, sharing and creating content consistently and often have multiple media channels. These are your foodies, travel bloggers and any other influencers that share their passions about a topic with their audience. This creates a relationship that is perceived to be more personal. 

If you chose mostly C’s and D’s… 

A Micro or Nano influencer is where it’s at for you! They’ll more than likely get your brand a few new loyal consumers because their relationship with their audience is more personal and dependent upon trust. They interact with their audience as if they live next door to each other.

Micro influencers have 1,000 to 100,000 followers and typically specialize in one topic. Their relationship to their followers is less about their status and more about the information they offer their audience. Your brand can guarantee that whatever made them famous will help boost your product or service because their values match yours and therefore also matches that of their audience.

Nano influencers are the closest you’re going to get to an everyday person and have 1,000 or less followers. They might be someone who is a leader in their community or has built a small, cult-ish following through sharing their collector-like interests. If you are looking to reach your community members, you’ll love what they have to offer your brand! Their worldview holds more weight to their audience so they take their opinions seriously and can reward high levels of engagement.

In conclusion…
Traditional marketing strategies just don’t do the trick anymore. It can still be used as a way to reach an audience but alone it may not hold up. An influencer will add a level of relatability and exposure that touches people in a modern way. Investing in this new marketing strategy may seem like a hit or miss, but it’s just like paying for celebrity endorsements with a twist catered to social media. Be consistent and you’ll be glad you put effort into this option.

by Anijah Boyd

Do you ever think, “Hmm, that was a very *insert random sun sign here* thing to say,” when you hear someone talk? While astrology may not be the end all be all of everyone’s life, we can learn valuable lessons about one another and begin to question the people we surround ourselves with.

At Neon PR, we like to get to know one another outside of the office and use that information to build a more cohesive and collaborative team. This also lends a hand in building an open and vulnerable work environment, helping to eliminate stress and insecurities. To find out a little more about each of our team members’ radiant astrological personalities, keep on reading! 


Aries☀️ Capricorn🌙 Aquarius🔺 

The Determined Visionary 


  • Self-reliant 
  • Creative 
  • Have strong judgement (so be ready to be judged… but in a beneficial way) 
  • Productive 
  • Impulsive but rational (there’s a method to the madness) 


  • Being a mentor to others 
  • Competition and challenge 
  • Calm people 
  • Being in charge 


  • People with no backbone/morals 
  • Negative people that live for drama 
  • Excuses
  • Complaining 
  • Wasting time
  • Being taken for granted


Taurus☀️ Pisces🌙 Leo🔺

The Adaptive Charismatic 


  • Easygoing 
  • Down to earth and sensitive 
  • Assertive and practical 
  • Decisive 
  • Sociable but enjoys more intimate settings 


  • Nice things 
  • A good, home-cooked meal
  • Hands on work 
  • Romance (recreate The Notebook or leave them alone) 
  • High quality clothing 


  • Aggression
  • Instability 
  • Betrayal 
  • Insincerity (because nothing they do will be insincere) 
  • Manipulative people 


Scorpio☀️ Gemini🌙 Gemini🔺

The Intuitive Poet 


  • Emotional but great at camouflaging it 
  • Talkative (when they feel like it, of course)
  • Inspirational 
  • Hard to get to know (because there’s so much to know)
  • Intuitive 


  • People who live with intent 
  • Accountability 
  • Meaningful work 
  • Psychology
  • Open and honest friendships 


  • Mystery (when they aren’t the one being mysterious) 
  • Being wrong
  • Passive aggression (don’t do it if you don’t want them to point it out in the same second) 


Sagittarius☀️ Scorpio🌙 Cancer🔺

The Tenacious Progressive 


  • Self-willed 
  • Nuance sensitive 
  • Diplomatic 
  • Constantly interested in evolution 
  • Enthusiastic (sometimes overshadowed by the Cancer rising’s shyness) 


  • Freedom
  • Learning new things 
  • Good communicators
  • Fairness 
  • Psychology 
  • Being alone 


  • Liars 
  • Drama 
  • Unwarranted meanness 
  • Close-mindedness and pessimism

In the workplace, these personalities mesh to make too many (if there’s such a thing) wonderful ideas to keep up with, so we’re never behind or bored. Do dull moments exist with an Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius in one spot? 

Each day-to-day task is taken seriously and approached with the utmost effort, no matter how seemingly miniscule. This has helped with trust because there is confidence in each other’s individual work ethic. When help is needed, it’s sure someone on the team can improve or compliment you wherever you’re stuck. Afterall, successful people do need to be a little bit out there and each of these placements (especially the double Gemini and Aries) will make sure the madness and method are there. 

Happy Mercury Retrograde, all!✨

Leading with Intent

by Anijah Boyd

✨Intention sets the tone  

Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and mood can be a game changer when entering the workplace. They can drive and motivate those around you or bring them to a standstill in response. 

Focusing on intent-based leadership in the workplace can nurture habits that reveal themselves in how you interact with your colleagues and the content you put out for your consumers. The goal is quality and leading with intent increases your chances of being aware enough to provide quality. 

With that being said, knowing yourself and your goals for the day are great introductions to a meaningful and rewarding 9 to 5… Or any other time you spend typing away into cyberspace. 

How do you want to assist your clientele today? Do they represent the things you enjoy and stand for? Always go into the workplace with the intent to get work done to the best of your capabilities, no matter what those are. 

If you need to take a break and practice grounding methods, do that. Just make sure that our intentions for the day contribute to something greater than yourself. 

✨Be transparent and initiate tough conversations

We hear as children that honesty is the best policy but lose sight of that as we get older and the world prefers us to lie about things as simple as a response to “How is your day going?” Though we say we value truth, especially in the media, we tend to respond negatively to it or have no plan on how to remedy the unknown or sporadic. 

So, we avoid it. Which is totally okay until animosity builds, work isn’t being done well and someone on your team hates what they are doing 8+ hours out of the day. All of that negativity eventually leaks out and affects all other things in your world. 

To avoid this possibly quite explosive situation, start by being honest in small ways. If you’re having a bad morning, say that. Just don’t be a negative Nancy about it as if the whole world is ending and you will be incapable of moving forward. Your optimism in the midst of a bad day may inspire someone to be honest and push through the same way. 

It is also helpful to initiate tough conversations when the tension in the workplace is thick or stressful. Anyone can start the conversation that opens up a space for vulnerability and honesty.

The reward of having those practices at the base of your workplace values is rewarding to your business.

✨Words of Affirmation aren’t exclusive to romance

This one is easy. A few words of affirmation never hurt anyone and rather than explain what those are, here’s a few you can tweak as needed: 

“I know doing research and analyzing tons of data can be overwhelming and time consuming. You brought us great results and we appreciate your contribution to the team!” 

“The positive attitude you bring into the office really makes it much easier for the team to work together in a more intent-based way. We all feed off of your energy!”

“The improvements you made to that graphic last week looked great. I’m working on something similar now and would love your expert opinion!” 

I’m sure you know what reassurance in familial and romantic relationships feels like. Applying those same principles in the workplace can aid in those same positive responses that can help those around you feel valued and appreciated. 

✨Soft skills are just as useful as hard skills 

Oh, the often taken for granted soft skills. The ones we lose in and endless search for what others can DO for us. Yes, I might be a photoshop expert but am I dependable? Do I possess empathy? Am I willing to learn and be open-minded? All questions that need answers. 

Soft skills are tools in your kit that will make communication easier. As we get more tech dependent, we forget why those skills are important until we have to sit down in a meeting and listen to one another or get our point across without belittling every other person in the room

✨Respect different approaches

“I wouldn’t do it that way,” is not the same as “This is wrong.” When we look to one another for direction, it is easy to get lost in our own idea of what we want things to be. Keep in mind that every person you run across will add their own unique flair and that is something you’ll want to nurture.

What’s the Mood?

Perfect Work Playlists to Start the Day Right

The easiest way to guide your mood is by picking the right playlist. Have you ever set the office mood to a rainy day? Do you have a presentation and need a confidence boost? Are you having a rough week and need chill vibes? 

No worries. We got you. 

Bad Girls Club

Goal: Ideal for the days you want to feel like a baddie. More upbeat. 

Fall Vibes 

Goal: A smooth transition from Summer to Fall.

On Chill

Goal: Promotes a calm working environment and helps relieve stress. Breathe.


Goal: The energy boost needed to successfully dance into the weekend. 

iPhone 11 Camera vs. DSLR: Which Works Best for You?

by Anijah Boyd

When it comes to taking photos, iPhones have become a more accessible way to capture an image worth sharing while DSLRs remain a tradition in the photography industry, but what are the pros and cons of each? 

Should you invest in a DSLR or stick to the basics of your iPhone camera? Would you be someone who benefits from having both handy? Here are some things to take into consideration.

If you don’t plan on buying a DSLR camera anytime soon, it may be helpful to purchase these accessories to get the best out of your phone:

1💜iPhone lens kit 

2💜Ring light or any external light source 


4💜Portable charger

5💜Remote shutter release 

You can capture a beautiful image with both cameras. The differences lie in your goals. An iPhone can get close to the pristine of a DSLR, it’s just going to take finesse and extra accessories. iPhones are the best for quick, on-the-go photos that may be posted to social media and make your travel load less heavy.

DSLR cameras work best when you need high quality images for blogs, photoshoots and brand-work, but can be a pain when you have to carry around the equipment. Shoots centered around a DSLR camera would be more intentional and planned out than that of an iPhone

The iPhone serves more as a convenience option with DSLR potential. You get instant results on your phone ready to crop, edit and post. With that being said, which one works best for you? Let’s talk below.

Will the photos be used for your website, social or print? If for print or web, DSLR. If for social, iPhone! Take a closer look at the visual differences between the two. Can you tell which photo was taken with an iPhone 11 or DSLR? 

If you guessed image A was taken with a DSLR and B with an iPhone 11, you are correct! The main determining factors are color and focus. Our favorable iPhone 11 still shows blemishes in the mirror whereas the DSLR completely has its eyes on the Verás bottle and even gives us a nice pop of color that compliments the light shining in.

Small things like that have made DSLRs’ impact everlasting but the convenience, approachability and similarities an iPhone 11 camera has to a DSLR have made them a worthy competitor.

7 Tips on Creating an Instagram Story that Stands Out

by Anijah Boyd

With a new social media service or addition introduced every day (at least it seems like it), brands’ social media strategies are constantly evolving and challenged to reach new creative heights. Introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories has cemented among the must-haves of social strategy and yet, many businesses are failing to utilize its full capabilities. Not only do stories offer your followers extra visual content, but the 24-hour viewing window offers them a sense of real-time and intimacy with your brand. 

With hundreds of stories to swipe through, how can YOU maximize the chances of an audience engaging with our stories while also beating the tricky algorithm? How do you create fun and entertaining content while still getting your message across? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to take your Instagram Story strategy to the next level. 

1💜 Call-to-action

One of the easiest ways to make your followers pay attention is to offer them an action. Guide them to clicking a link, answering a quiz, question or doing a poll. This gives your audience a chance to feel heard and that they have a say in your brand. It’s equally useful for you to see their responses. 

2💜 Keep it Consistent and Cohesive

This is a great way to tap into streamlined branding and, remember, it is okay to promote new posts on your story to allude to the idea of exclusivity. Make sure your stories blend well together, use your brand’s logo and color scheme and play on the established brand identity. Stay on topic and when there is a subject change, make it stand out while also staying true.

3💜 Tell a Story

One reason it can be so easy to skip through stories is because they feel flat, uninteresting and don’t transition well. They don’t make you think, “Hmm. I wonder what’s next?”

You have 3–10 seconds to engage your viewer. A plain image with still words won’t do the trick. Use the post prior and narrative tools like motion and reveals to encourage your viewer to stay.

4💜 The Less Copy, the Better …

The phrase ‘say less’ has never been so relevant. Who wants to read through a block of text that could’ve easily been a caption instead? Try to limit yourself to quick, concise sentences or phrases. If more needs to be said like in a brand statement or contest, try tweaking it to transition into the next post or break up the text using different fonts.

5💜 Use Stickers!

You’d be surprised by what you can find searching through random sticker topics. They can make a boring story more fun. They are the most useful when you have little resources to work with or a simple image. 

An Extra Tip: Instagram often utilizes stickers for social issues or big events! Pay attention to these and craft a story that fits the theme, you’ll be able to attract new followers to your page when they search through these limited time stickers!

6💜 Add Some Music!
The universal love language: music. It can turn a simple video of someone enjoying an ice cream into a cinematic experience. It interacts with more of your senses and creates new memories and associations with your brand. 

7💜 Minimize the Number of Fonts in One Story

Rule of thumb: 2 fonts per story … but anyone can break the rules if they do it well.

Our Must-Have​ Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Anyone who is in charge of managing social media for clients is already well versed in the importance of posting high-quality photos. Therefore, there is nothing worse than capturing the perfect image for a client only to have it ruined by one of the following:

•   The photo is too dark/bright

•   Someone or something is in the background and causing distraction

•   The photo doesn’t do the colors in the image justice

•    The subject in the photo needs to be free of all imperfections.

Editing can be extremely intimidating, but we don’t want you to give up on that photo quite yet. We’ve compiled a list of must-have photo editing apps that every social media manager needs, from beginner to seasoned-social guru. 1.


Ideal uses – Portraits, candids, removing small imperfections such as cocktail glares or spots on tablecloths.

1. Facetune and Facetune 2 – Facetune is an extremely popular app and for good reason. In Facetune you’re able to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and so much more. This powerful app can turn anyone from drab, to fab with a few clicks and good practice. The original Facetune app provides all the necessary editing tools for a one-time payment of $3.99. Facetune 2, however, has access to more advanced features and includes many more tools to perfect your images. This version costs $35.99 annually or a one-time payment of $69.99. Note: only Facetune 2 is available for Android users.

Facetune – iPhone

Facetune 2 – iPhone

Facetune 2 – Android


Ideal uses – Larger objects that require removal, signage, reflections.

2. Retouch – Have you ever captured the perfect image, just to spot a sneaky photo-bomber in the back? Moments like this often cause you to get rid of the picture altogether. Now, with the help of retouch, you can remove distracting background images with ease. Retouch uses the surrounding background to blend everything together seamlessly. Simply use the brush or lasso tool to remove people and objects as if they were never even there. Retouch is a one-time payment of $1.99.

Retouch – iPhone

Retouch – Android


Ideal uses – All-in-one photo editing. Great for all types of photos and to pair with the above mentioned apps.

3. Adobe Lightroom – Lightroom may be the single most important photo editing app you have in your arsenal. With this app you’re able to manipulate lighting, individual colors, and nuanced details included shading, temperature and specific coloring. Once you learn how to utilize Lightroom for everything it can do, you’ll be able to salvage almost ANY photo. You can access the majority of this app for free 99 and achieve some pretty amazing edits. If you want to unlock 3 additional (and completely game changing) tools like selective lighting and selective detail, the app will cost you $9.99 a month. This payment gives you access to edit photos on your phone and stores them to a cloud that can pair with Lightroom’s desktop application! Once you see the images you can bring to life, you’ll realize this app pays for itself.

Lightroom – iPhone

Lightroom – Android


Ideal uses – Creating a cohesive brand aesthetic

4. VSCO – Creating a theme for a client’s social media page can be both a difficult and daunting task. With VSCO, most of the work is done for you. As more and more brands flood to social media to market themselves, a huge importance has been placed on creating an aesthetically pleasing (and defining) social media feed. Choose a consistent and recognizable scheme for your client by scrolling through dozens of filters. Once you’re finished editing a photo, throw your filter of choice. Doing so will ensure all your photos fit together visually and create the theme your client has always dreamed of. Access to these filters and other fun photo editing tools is $19.99 a year.

VSCO – iPhone

VSCO – Android

Meet Team Neon Series: Astou

Please give a warm welcome to the latest member of our dream team, Astou! 🤗 Astou is Team Neon’s intern, and we are so happy to have her. As our intern, we are teaching her the ins and outs of all of our clients, how to write the perfect press release, how to manage various social media accounts, and how to be an all-around amazing publicist. 

Networking Pro 👩🏾‍💼
Can read (almost) anyone 👀
Able to bust out an A+ paper in 2.5 hours flat 📝

Proud Senegambian 🇸🇳 🇬🇲
The Ultimate Wing Woman
Skincare Enthusiast 🧖🏾‍♀️