How to Avoid The Sunday Scaries

‘Sunday Scaries’. We’ve all had them. That dread that sets in the day before the start of your work week… but the term doesn’t always mean that you don’t love what you do for a living. In fact, often times it’s the end of the relaxing weekend and the anxieties about the busy work week ahead for the work you love and want to stay on top of…a to-do list that unfurls at a faster and faster speed until it’s just a blur of “should” and “need to” and “don’t forget.”

Here’s a shortlist of solutions our team came up with on how to deal:

  • Write a Check List on Friday. Write down your mental checklist before kicking back for the weekend. While ‘to-do’ lists can oppress as much as assist us, it’s often helpful on Friday to jot down a brief list of tasks for Monday morning so that you commence your weekday experience feeling organized and purposeful. Sunday you will thank Friday you.
  • Self-Care Sundays. Book a massage, un-wind with a Netflix series or meal prep! Meal-prepping is a great way to know what you’re eating for the week in the office and makes you feel accomplished on Sunday night.
  • Schedule workweek fun. The solution could be scheduling some good old-fashioned self-care—on Sunday, sure, but also throughout your week. Peppering your weekdays wherever you can with more ease and enjoyment is a great antidote for dreading them. Schedule a yoga class on Monday evening so that you know in advance that you have a plan in place to unwind. Wednesday happy hour is a great outlet to blow off steam with some friends and break up the week.