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Now Hiring: Account Coordinator

Neon PR is currently seeking an Account Coordinator for its Las Vegas office. The ideal Publicist candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, PR or journalism and have at least one year, post-college, full-time relevant PR experience or PR internship experience, with an agency background preferred. Neon is looking for qualified PR pros […]

Unwind: 7 Ways Team Neon Works Through Stress

by Anijah Boyd  Stress is crippling. It can motivate you to (over)work yourself or put you in a cycle of procrastination. In the PR world, finding ways to stay balanced is going to make you a lot better at your job and more satisfied with your own pursuit of happiness.  Keep reading for some helpful […]

by Anijah Boyd Influencer marketing evolves as frequently as the dreaded algorithm. Pair that with the apocalyptic-like scene that was 2020 and you’ve got a seismic shift in the way influencers connect with their audience, create content and tell stories. But it also provided insight into the loyalty and power of these influencer’s communities.  In […]

by Anijah Boyd Do you ever think, “Hmm, that was a very *insert random sun sign here* thing to say,” when you hear someone talk? While astrology may not be the end all be all of everyone’s life, we can learn valuable lessons about one another and begin to question the people we surround ourselves […]

Leading with Intent

by Anijah Boyd ✨Intention sets the tone   Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and mood can be a game changer when entering the workplace. They can drive and motivate those around you or bring them to a standstill in response.  Focusing on intent-based leadership in the workplace can nurture habits that reveal themselves in how […]

What’s the Mood?

Perfect Work Playlists to Start the Day Right The easiest way to guide your mood is by picking the right playlist. Have you ever set the office mood to a rainy day? Do you have a presentation and need a confidence boost? Are you having a rough week and need chill vibes?  No worries. We […]

iPhone 11 Camera vs. DSLR: Which Works Best for You?

by Anijah Boyd When it comes to taking photos, iPhones have become a more accessible way to capture an image worth sharing while DSLRs remain a tradition in the photography industry, but what are the pros and cons of each?  Should you invest in a DSLR or stick to the basics of your iPhone camera? […]

7 Tips on Creating an Instagram Story that Stands Out

by Anijah Boyd With a new social media service or addition introduced every day (at least it seems like it), brands’ social media strategies are constantly evolving and challenged to reach new creative heights. Introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories has cemented among the must-haves of social strategy and yet, many businesses are failing to utilize […]

Our Must-Have​ Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Anyone who is in charge of managing social media for clients is already well versed in the importance of posting high-quality photos. Therefore, there is nothing worse than capturing the perfect image for a client only to have it ruined by one of the following: •   The photo is too dark/bright •   Someone or something is in […]

Meet Team Neon Series: Astou

Please give a warm welcome to the latest member of our dream team, Astou! 🤗 Astou is Team Neon’s intern, and we are so happy to have her. As our intern, we are teaching her the ins and outs of all of our clients, how to write the perfect press release, how to manage various social […]