Building Your Social Voice

Millennials— devouring information via social media and every technology imaginable. If you haven’t already found a way to target this specific audience, chances are your business is missing out on a driving force in branding based on millinnials’ inherent need to constantly share where they’re at and what they’re doing via social. Our point is, take your business social! It takes only a minute or two to set up a Twitter or Facebook account and believe us, it’s more than worth it. Not only will it allow you to interact with your audience, it will also build relationships and create trust. And make sure you keep your posts short and sweet – turns out 41 percent of millennials have no patience for long content based on the nexus for here-and-now, and obtaining information as quickly as humanly possible.

Recently, a client of Neon PR’s, Sky Combat Ace, was used in a social media case study. SCA’s social media efforts have also been spotlighted at several PR conferences and covered by PR case studies including Bulldog Reporter, which hosted a webinar for PR pros that highlighted Sky Combat Ace’s social media campaign with Expedia.

• Bulldog Reporter: Travel and Destination PR Summit
The online PR Bootcamp/conference discussed how to use social media for destination engagement while displaying new trends and techniques for social media and moreover, how to attract new clients through social media interaction.
But how did Sky Combat Ace GET to that point, you ask? By becoming relatable and building its social voice with its followers online. Here are 5 things to consider when building your social voice:

1. Define your culture. Why do you what you do? Communicate that in engaging ways. Give people a reason to visit your page. Everyone can relate to a (tactful) sense of humor or informative tidbits — tie both back to your brand. Make your culture so integral to everyday life that they can’t help but talk about your content with friends, family and strangers via social sharing.

2. Make your social voice resonate with your target audience. Would you enjoy interacting with the voice you’re creating? Do you sound like a human being instead of a robot? Interacting with your followers is also imperative and part of resonating with your target audience. You’re a hip brand on social media, so you should be approachable and supportive of your followers, as your followers are supportive of your brand by following you in the first place. Did someone comment about liking your product or service? Respond back publicly saying you’re glad they enjoyed, or invite social/key influencers to try your product or service.
3. Tie current events/popular culture into your company culture. Be informative, but add your own personality. This guarantees having social content (there’s always something going on in the world) and provides an opportunity to let your brand’s voice shine through.
4. HAVE FUN. Social content that is engaging is about entertaining, not selling. Effective ad campaigns are subtle and don’t feel like “selling” — same goes for social. Social content should not be there to shove what you offer down your followers’ throats, but to engage by promoting what a personified brand you are.
5. EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES TO ENGAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Nielsen ratings service finds that people trust people who are like them more than actual branded content and messaging. Employees are your best resource when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) and can reach an audience 10 times larger than your brand’s current audience, which can increase engagement on your branded channels. Empower and engage with your employees on social. You’ll see word-of-mouth increase, which leads to greater brand recognition and awareness, increased sales, and improved customer loyalty. And where should a company start? By mobilizing internal supporters and stakeholders, and encouraging them to join the conversation. Doing so creates a program of internal advocacy and builds loyalty among brand ambassadors. It also improves internal and external communications, and boosts your brand’s reach and revenue. They will become evangelists in the workplace and grow social activity in a way you couldn’t on your own.

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