7 Tips on Creating an Instagram Story that Stands Out

by Anijah Boyd

With a new social media service or addition introduced every day (at least it seems like it), brands’ social media strategies are constantly evolving and challenged to reach new creative heights. Introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories has cemented among the must-haves of social strategy and yet, many businesses are failing to utilize its full capabilities. Not only do stories offer your followers extra visual content, but the 24-hour viewing window offers them a sense of real-time and intimacy with your brand. 

With hundreds of stories to swipe through, how can YOU maximize the chances of an audience engaging with our stories while also beating the tricky algorithm? How do you create fun and entertaining content while still getting your message across? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to take your Instagram Story strategy to the next level. 

1💜 Call-to-action

One of the easiest ways to make your followers pay attention is to offer them an action. Guide them to clicking a link, answering a quiz, question or doing a poll. This gives your audience a chance to feel heard and that they have a say in your brand. It’s equally useful for you to see their responses. 

2💜 Keep it Consistent and Cohesive

This is a great way to tap into streamlined branding and, remember, it is okay to promote new posts on your story to allude to the idea of exclusivity. Make sure your stories blend well together, use your brand’s logo and color scheme and play on the established brand identity. Stay on topic and when there is a subject change, make it stand out while also staying true.

3💜 Tell a Story

One reason it can be so easy to skip through stories is because they feel flat, uninteresting and don’t transition well. They don’t make you think, “Hmm. I wonder what’s next?”

You have 3–10 seconds to engage your viewer. A plain image with still words won’t do the trick. Use the post prior and narrative tools like motion and reveals to encourage your viewer to stay.

4💜 The Less Copy, the Better …

The phrase ‘say less’ has never been so relevant. Who wants to read through a block of text that could’ve easily been a caption instead? Try to limit yourself to quick, concise sentences or phrases. If more needs to be said like in a brand statement or contest, try tweaking it to transition into the next post or break up the text using different fonts.

5💜 Use Stickers!

You’d be surprised by what you can find searching through random sticker topics. They can make a boring story more fun. They are the most useful when you have little resources to work with or a simple image. 

An Extra Tip: Instagram often utilizes stickers for social issues or big events! Pay attention to these and craft a story that fits the theme, you’ll be able to attract new followers to your page when they search through these limited time stickers!

6💜 Add Some Music!
The universal love language: music. It can turn a simple video of someone enjoying an ice cream into a cinematic experience. It interacts with more of your senses and creates new memories and associations with your brand. 

7💜 Minimize the Number of Fonts in One Story

Rule of thumb: 2 fonts per story … but anyone can break the rules if they do it well.