Our Must-Have​ Photo Editing Apps For Social Media

Anyone who is in charge of managing social media for clients is already well versed in the importance of posting high-quality photos. Therefore, there is nothing worse than capturing the perfect image for a client only to have it ruined by one of the following:

•   The photo is too dark/bright

•   Someone or something is in the background and causing distraction

•   The photo doesn’t do the colors in the image justice

•    The subject in the photo needs to be free of all imperfections.

Editing can be extremely intimidating, but we don’t want you to give up on that photo quite yet. We’ve compiled a list of must-have photo editing apps that every social media manager needs, from beginner to seasoned-social guru. 1.


Ideal uses – Portraits, candids, removing small imperfections such as cocktail glares or spots on tablecloths.

1. Facetune and Facetune 2 – Facetune is an extremely popular app and for good reason. In Facetune you’re able to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and so much more. This powerful app can turn anyone from drab, to fab with a few clicks and good practice. The original Facetune app provides all the necessary editing tools for a one-time payment of $3.99. Facetune 2, however, has access to more advanced features and includes many more tools to perfect your images. This version costs $35.99 annually or a one-time payment of $69.99. Note: only Facetune 2 is available for Android users.

Facetune – iPhone

Facetune 2 – iPhone

Facetune 2 – Android


Ideal uses – Larger objects that require removal, signage, reflections.

2. Retouch – Have you ever captured the perfect image, just to spot a sneaky photo-bomber in the back? Moments like this often cause you to get rid of the picture altogether. Now, with the help of retouch, you can remove distracting background images with ease. Retouch uses the surrounding background to blend everything together seamlessly. Simply use the brush or lasso tool to remove people and objects as if they were never even there. Retouch is a one-time payment of $1.99.

Retouch – iPhone

Retouch – Android


Ideal uses – All-in-one photo editing. Great for all types of photos and to pair with the above mentioned apps.

3. Adobe Lightroom – Lightroom may be the single most important photo editing app you have in your arsenal. With this app you’re able to manipulate lighting, individual colors, and nuanced details included shading, temperature and specific coloring. Once you learn how to utilize Lightroom for everything it can do, you’ll be able to salvage almost ANY photo. You can access the majority of this app for free 99 and achieve some pretty amazing edits. If you want to unlock 3 additional (and completely game changing) tools like selective lighting and selective detail, the app will cost you $9.99 a month. This payment gives you access to edit photos on your phone and stores them to a cloud that can pair with Lightroom’s desktop application! Once you see the images you can bring to life, you’ll realize this app pays for itself.

Lightroom – iPhone

Lightroom – Android


Ideal uses – Creating a cohesive brand aesthetic

4. VSCO – Creating a theme for a client’s social media page can be both a difficult and daunting task. With VSCO, most of the work is done for you. As more and more brands flood to social media to market themselves, a huge importance has been placed on creating an aesthetically pleasing (and defining) social media feed. Choose a consistent and recognizable scheme for your client by scrolling through dozens of filters. Once you’re finished editing a photo, throw your filter of choice. Doing so will ensure all your photos fit together visually and create the theme your client has always dreamed of. Access to these filters and other fun photo editing tools is $19.99 a year.

VSCO – iPhone

VSCO – Android