Does working in your florescent-lit cubical or being stuck in the same space every day not sound like an ideal work environment anymore? We love venturing outside of the office for an hour or two every day for a refresh button – and call on our downtown Las Vegas as a giant office space. With iPhones acting as mobile hotspots these days, you can connect almost anywhere. Take that extended lunch and grab your laptop (and a bite!) and make it a point to check out some of our favorites below!

Their seating is first come, first served so make sure you get there with time to spare at this popular Downtown coffee shop. Order the Sweet Dream toast and the Macadamia Almond latte and get to crankin’!

This downtown urban oasis has a 40′ tall fire-breathing mantis art installation from Burning Man outside to welcome you in – trust us, you can’t miss it. We love grabbing an outdoor table in the Spring or Fall in Container Park and sitting outside at Black Cup Coffee (full view of the park) or Bin 702 (hello comfy couches!). With over 20 local shops and boutique eateries to choose from, you’re sure to find a spot with nearby quiet bustle for the perfect amount of focus and distraction for work-time inspiration.

Lunch time? Order a vegan sandwich (it’s the most unassuming deliciousness ever) and pull up a chair at The Market‘s indoor bistro space by the window. They serve Peet’s Coffee (and wine – if it’s one of those days).

We know, we know… isn’t this the nightlife hotspot with the giant oversized games like Jenga, beanbag toss and chess? Exactly. But during the day, Gold Spike is a co-working space with Wi-Fi connectivity that welcomes all. With conference-style tables, this co-working is the perfect excuse to get all of your colleagues together and work on that project – and maybe take a much-needed break for life-size Connect Four and a Unicorn Grilled Cheese from Fiddlestix – located inside Gold Spike.

Nearing the end of the day and need to grind out a deadline? Music sets the tone for your work pace and we love DTLV’s favorite watering hole Corduroy‘s rock music turned down a little lower at their opening time, 4 pm, (and almost our closing time), to wind down the day. Since this downtown hot spot opens at 4 pm, you’ll find locals who have just wrapped up meetings crunching out the last hour of work. There is a garage-style window that rolls up to make it an indoor-outdoor space perfect people watching when you close your laptop and grab a celebratory cocktail for finishing that deadline.

With perfect lighting and dreamy wallpaper and light fixtures, this is our extended lunch go-to. Open at 11:00 am during the week, Flock & Fowl is your haven in DTLV for ‘flocking delicious’ food and warm interior hues to ignite subtle inspiration.

Where do you like to work outside of the office? Tweet to us at @NeonPR_ and let us know!

PR & Social Media… What’s the Difference?

There is no doubt that the fields of public relations and social media are blending together more closely than ever. More PR teams are working to secure press traction digitally by working with social media influencers, targeting different brands to engage in cross-promotions that are then shared by those brands’ social networks, etc. At the same time, more social teams are working with news outlets’ designated online and digital teams to get their clients featured on traditional news media’s social pages.

As PR and social media become even more intertwined over the next several years, communication experts can expect PR firms to start building out social divisions, and social firms to start partnering with traditional PR mediums – so it’s important for those working in the communication fields to keep their skills sharpened in both realms – cheeky one liners are good for press releases and can be used for social media attention grabbers. As media folks continue to get inundated with press releases, they’re beginning to ask for photos that illustrate the news to be embedded within the release – which also doubles as the main source of content creation for social media accounts.

Overall, it’s a very synergistic relationship between PR and social media teams, even though there can be quite a bit of a crossover. Take event activations or influencer relations, for example. Both of these services can be handled by a PR firm or social media agency, and quite often, brands that hire PR and social teams will have both teams collaborate as there is always a common goal: more press, more social media chatter, more influence for the brand.

At Neon PR, we believe a multi-channel marketing mix leading with PR is crucial to increasing your stories’ reach and getting content seen. Which means, social media should PR hold hands, not arm wrestle! So, publicists, high five your clients’ social teams and ask for photo tips! Social teams, feel free to ask PR teams how to contact news outlets for social campaigning that works for clients!



If you haven’t heard about #Bloggergate, (btw, can we all agree to stop putting ‘gate’ at the end of every dramatic event?) you probably don’t spend a lot of time on the Internet. To summarize: Elle Darby, a semi-influential social media persona, contacted the White Moose Café hotel in Dublin, Ireland requesting a discounted or complimentary stay in exchange for social media posts on her Instagram and a property review on her YouTube channel.

If this type of request seems all too familiar, then you probably work in public relations and can empathize with the owner of the property, Paul Stenson. In response to Darby’s request, Stenson took to Facebook (either out of complete and utter frustration or pure purposeful genius) and posted Darby’s email with his response. The ensuing firestorm of support and backlash made international headlines, with winners and losers all over the place.


This entire ordeal exposes the tightrope that brands and bloggers walk in the world of influencer marketing and provides a guide to the complicated structure in which these bloggers and businesses work. At the brunt of it, bloggers and influencers leverage the trust of their audiences for personal gain as well (INSERT $XXX hotel stay for free), not just solely because they’re doing their audience or the brand a service.

The word “Collaborate”
The term collaboration has oft been a favorite of the modern corporate culture quo, included in bios and company visions from Silicon Valley to Timbuktu but now, much like influencers are doing to social media platforms, the word has been diluted in its effect (include how many times she says collaborate). Let us take a look at the dictionary definition of collaborate:

col-lab-o-rate (v.) – work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something

The traditional interpretation means that two parties come together to contribute ideas and work towards a goal or product together, equally, and typically results in tangible ROI. The watered down version used by influencers and bloggers reads more like this:

col-lab-o-rate (v.) – give me something free and I’ll say something nice about you to my loyal following

One of these things is not like the other…

The Internet
No matter what side you take in this battle of brawn, the people who decided to attack both Elle and the property/management so personally and vindictively looked like total a**holes.


The Phrase “No Press is Bad Press”
Ever heard of the White Moose Café hotel before? Did you know who Elle Darby was? No? Now you do.

Elle Darby
In the last 30 days, Elle has seen an increase of 20,129 followers on Instagram 18,098 new subscribers to her YouTube channel and 4.1 million views. Those numbers alone make her a winner in this debacle, but her transparency regarding the email and how she makes an income most likely gained more trust from her viewers.

Paul Stenson and the White Moose Café
Paul Stenson is an Internet troll who takes his trolling very seriously. He continued to post responses to the various backlash from bloggers and influencers on Facebook, eventually banning the groups from his property entirely. He then held a press conference and designed shirts to sell as hotel merchandise. Finally, he sent billing to Darby for the amount of press garnered in her name. According to ClearStory, a data measuring service, the incident spread across 20 countries with a potential reach of 450 million people, the equivalent of $4.3 million in advertising.


In the end, #Bloggergate won’t upend the blogging industry or band brands together to fight the freebies. What it does show is the value of earned media, and how to take advantage of an opportunity. Stenson was able to drive engagement for his property and subsequently Darby’s channels, and put them both front of mind for a massive audience…for free.

We call that a win-win in PR Land.