STK Serves Up The Mother Of All Hilarious Promotions

by Vegas Chatter

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all with crazy Las Vegas promotional gimmicks, STK comes up with the mother of all stunts for Mother’s Day. That’s Sunday, May 11 in case you’re unaware. You’re welcome. Why get mom flowers when you can take her out for a MILF prix fixe dinner instead?

STK at The Cosmopolitan is serving up a MILF dinner for Mother’s Day, which stands for “Mother I’d Like to Filet mignon.” Phew! Not what we thought. The special menu from STK Executive Chef Stephen Hopcraft features four courses for $99.

Start with a choice of a beet salad or blue iceberg salad followed by a king crab quiche. The main event features a choice of seven-ounce filet mignon (or Dover sole) with sides of sweet corn pudding and asparagus. Dessert is a choice of honey walbut panna cota or frozen Chambord Zabaglione. (an Italian dessert with egg yolk and sweet wine, for those of you without an Italian mother).

If a $99 dinner isn’t enough for your mother to forgive you for not calling more often, you can buy her an $18 specialty cocktail, the Not Your Momma’s Cobbler. The strawberry cocktail with Belvedere features a tasty graham cracker-crusted rim.

STK opens at 5:30 p.m. And you can make your reservation here.

Miss USA Pageant

by NBC

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Loaves to Love

by Vegas Seven

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When I was a child, my parents admonished me in restaurants not to fill up on bread before our entrées were delivered. Presumably, they didn’t want me to waste half of the food for which they were paying because I’d already satiated my appetite on a giveaway item.
Las Vegas, however, has some of the finest bread services I’ve ever experienced, many of which are as memorable as the restaurant’s entrées. For the sake of this article, I’ll omit the awe-inspiring bread carts of Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon, because when you’re shelling out $500 to $1,000 on dinner, calling anything “free” seems disingenuous. I’m also not including the folks who charge for bread, because while that may fly overseas, it strikes me as somewhat un-American.

But if you want the best freebie loaves, rolls and slices in town, here are my picks.
Pull-Apart Bread with Blue Cheese Butter served with Sweet Chive Oil
(STK, in the Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7990)

Chef Stephen Hopcraft has his bakers arrive at 1 a.m. daily to make the bread for the next evening’s service. It’s a segmented loaf topped with a smattering of blue-cheese butter. The bread pulls apart in your hands and is wonderful. But dipping it into a cup of grape seed oil that’s been infused with blanched chives makes it even better. It’s a sweet, oniony flavor that cuts through the sharpness of the cheese. STK, in the Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7990

STK’s food overcomes noise, distractions

by Las Vegas Review Journal

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If you can’t stomach trendy, you’re probably not going to like STK.
This big, bustling spot among the restaurant row at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has a DJ every night, kind of a lot of noise from both music and conversation and lots of conventioneers, which means big groups of people who are having a good time, God bless ’em.
On the other hand, all that high-energy stuff can be kind of fun — and may even make you feel like you’re on vacation — the food and service are superlative, and the prices, while up there, aren’t really any worse than lots of other local steakhouses.
But back to the food. The details tend to tell a lot about a place, and that was the case with STK’s bread. It was very good, a sort of monkey-esque construction whose monkey-ness was augmented by the buttery-cheesy mixture it was drizzled with. But the best part was the ramekin of chive oil for dipping. Yes, chive oil, which was new to us, and which was a really interesting (not to mention, tasty) accompaniment.
Details, as well, with the carpaccio ($20). This classic generally is a very simple, elemental dish of thinly sliced raw beef drizzled with olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar and scattered with shaved Parmesan. This one had all of that, but also pickled cherry tomatoes that were little bombs of briny, vinegary goodness, plus a sizable mound of basil-tinged cold noodles that we found ourselves fighting over as much as the beef.
We’d have to get steak at a steakhouse, of course, and one thing we liked about STK’s list is they’re grouped as small, medium or large. From the small stack we chose a 7-ounce filet medallion ($39), sublimely tender and as flavorful as any filet has the right to be, even better with the cup of excellent bearnaise ($2).

Chicken ($29) was free-range and so more flavorful than most, even more so with the whiskey-imbued smoked-tomato condiment. Unlike the steak, which was just steak on a plate, this one came with polenta “fries” that were actually sort of puffs, crispy-edged but with the appealingly granular texture of polenta, and tender haricot verts, or green beans to you and me.
The glazed beef short ribs ($39) were just as short ribs should be, the tender braised meat breaking down into shreds with full, beefy flavor, with creamy horseradish for a few sparks and a green-apple confit for a contrasting sweet-and-sour accent.
And as a side dish, the mushroom potpie ($12), the crust flaky, the tender but meaty woodland mushrooms resting in a savory sauce.
Service throughout was very good, our server exceptionally pleasant and friendly. She also was possessed of a fine subtlety, her only attempt at upselling a mild comment that the sauce of the mushroom potpie would be particularly nice spooned over mashed potatoes, which we could order on the side.
And yes, because of its location and expense-account price point, not to mention the waves of credential-wearing conventioneers, we would tend to think of this as a tourist spot, but that aspect is subtle as well. In fact, our server’s only tourist-trappy transgression was to ask where we were from.
Citizens of the world, my dear. Citizens of the world.

10 Best Upscale Bars in Vegas


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Forget the cheap buffets and that guy on the Strip who swears he can get you an escort for half off the competitor’s. (You don’t want to know which half is missing.) Vegas is an upscale town full of upscale bars. We’ve got views that kill, drinks that delight and atmospheres that absolutely applaud alliteration. So pick up your Macallan 15 Year, put your feet up on whichever manservant makes the best footstool today, and enjoy the best upscale bars in Las Vegas.
This time we’ve got a restaurant that pairs its bar with a whole, unique world of upscale excellence. On the third floor of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, STK reigns as the steakhouse of the glittering masses that flock to the property. But if you don’t go all the way through the wavelike space, you can just hit up the bar for drinks, food and an atmosphere unlike anything you remember from when you went to a steakhouse as a kid. The DJ sets the mood. The bartenders know how to keep you damp. And everything about the space exudes the same kind of casual opulence, or laissez-faire extravagance, that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is known for.

STK Las Vegas celebrates its four-year anniversary with James Bond-themed bash


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STK Las Vegas will transform its upscale steakhouse into a James Bond-themed bash for its four-year anniversary celebration on Monday, March 30 at 10 p.m.
Step into James Bond’s shoes for the evening as the “004: STK Royale” will feature scenes from classic films. Guests are encouraged to come dressed in dapper secret service agent or Honey Rider attire fit for the themed party.

The black carpet will lead guests to a glamorous gold room where singer Nieve Malandra will liven up the party with sweet and mellow jazzy tunes. While mingling and enjoying the live entertainment, sip on Belvedere’s new 007-branded signature cocktail, The Spectre.

Enjoy exquisite hors d’oeuvres, delightful desserts and a Moet Hennessy-sponsored bar with Belvedere handcrafted cocktails with DJ Mike Attack on the turntable decks all night long.

STK is a high-energy, edgy steakhouse which offers succulent steak selections, eclectic music, signature cocktail concoctions and a casual, chic atmosphere.STK provides the ‘sizzle and the steak’ to make a night of dining and dancing a memorable one. STK is more than just your average steakhouse, it’s fine dining mixed with a vibrant, lively scene.

STK is located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and is open nightly. For more information, call 702-698-7990 or visit

72 Hours in Vegas

by AXS

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The Vegas strip is a magical place full of bright lights and tourists. Go at night to take in the full ambience of the Vegas aesthetic.
If you are seeking a dinner with a lively atmosphere, go to the luxe, celebrity hotspot, the Cosmopolitan, which has many eateries, including STK, known for it’s with celeb, Chef Stephen Hopcraft.
STK is recommended for groups, however, plan accordingly. Be prepared for a packed house – along with a DJ spinning the latest hits while you dine. The food is impeccable with the use of blue cheese a signature in many of the dishes, such as the delicious blue cheese bread and the mac and cheese. The steak is a must, of course, in addition the Sweet Potato donuts and ice cream combo is perfect if you crave something sweet. STK also has veggie options, upon request.

Quick Getaway: Tips for checking out ‘Top Chef’ related restaurants in Las Vegas

by Orange County Register

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Chef Tom Colicchio: Heritage Steak, The Mirage

Chef Tom Colicchio: Heritage Steak, The Mirage

Skipping the craps table and gathering around the dinner table is becoming an ever-attractive staple for my family during our annual jaunt to Las Vegas.

Having grown up in the restaurant business and knowing my parents’ foodie tastes, I happily hop into the car when I get their Sin City invite.

Visions of prix fixe menus and the hope that a special meal could crack my top five of all time danced in my head as I drove up I-15 a few days before Christmas.

As I traveled through the desert, I was reminded that even though we’re on opposite coasts – they’re in Maryland – one thing that binds us is the various versions of Bravo’s reality cooking competition “Top Chef.”

My father and I discuss what we would have done if we had been given one of the short, intense Quickfire Challenges, during which contestants have to do something like make a gourmet meal out of vending machine ingredients in 15 minutes. My mother and I talk about the chefs’ personalities and how the judges were right or wrong in whoever was told to pack their knives and go.

And inevitably, “Top Chef” works its way into our Las Vegas plans. Many of the best restaurants in town feature chefs who have at least been guest judges on the show.

Stephen Hopcraft: STK Las Vegas, The Cosmopolitan

Hopcraft, who was on the unforgettable Washington, D.C., season of “Top Chef,” has routinely received praise for his executive chefdom at the Las Vegas location of STK. This spot is for people who love some music with their dinner – STK has its own DJ.

How To Live Like a Celebrity in Las Vegas


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It regularly lures the biggest names in showbiz to pack their designer bags and take up residency for a good number of years.
So it’s no wonder that Las Vegas is now home to some of America’s most fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels and entertainment shows that have kept divas like Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Elton John occupied when they’re not on stage.

Adam Sandler, Hayden Panettiere, and rapper Nas are just a few celebrity names that enjoy STK restaurant at The Cosmopolitan.

Another celebrity hot spot for dining is STK (at The Cosmopolitan), where the signature steaks have kept the A-list satisfied, as well as the incredible cocktails and high-energy vibe.
Most recently Hollywood actor Adam Sandler and his family paid a visit to the restaurant, and also rapper Nas and Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning.

DJ Tiesto’s Guide to Las Vegas

by Conde Naste Traveler

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If you want to have a good time with the guys, I would say STK at the Cosmopolitan. The food is delicious, the drinks are excellent, and there’s a really, really attractive staff and clientele. – DJ Tiesto